Thursday, August 10, 2017


It has been raining for a few days.  Guess they don't like getting their feet wet!

Someone found the compost gathering bowl.  I am almost positive everyone will know about it within the hour.

Funny thing with no pic to prove it.  I went out to fill the goat buckets with feed.  I found an egg.  Seems like a few of Pappy's girls have been living with the goats for a few days.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

I Just Shake My Head

Our friends were watching over the farm while we were sunning our buns in the sand.  Usually, before we leave, we make sure that everyone is taken care of.  This means that we clean out their 'living space', refresh the water, and make sure that all food containers are full.  I made sure the girls had plenty of shavings in their coop and nesting boxes.  I guess I put a little too one laid any eggs in the correct spot...

They laid them where they are supposed to sleep.  This is the egg drop from Wednesday until Saturday evening.  And seems that only two of them are roosting in the larger chicken house.  They all want to be together in the red coop which is only designed for 6-8 birds.  I can see that happening this winter when it is cold...but now when it is so stinkin' hot?

I just love a pretty basket of eggs!

and then I find these to yahoos checking out the inside of the rabbit hutch.  Guess I better start checking her for eggs too.

Monday, July 17, 2017

After The Rain

Guess Leona got tired of standing on the wet grass so she decided to sit in the chair and wait for me.

Now that is a BIG egg.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

After The First Rain

Pappy's Girls were all out fluffing themselves dry on the goat playground.

It is a little soggy out there today.  And doesn't look like the evening will be much better.

Please Say It Isn't Going To Rain

By the looks of this huddle it might be going to rain.  Micahel says in about an hour it should hit.  I'm thinking the boys are telling me sooner by their body language.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Today, Another First

Sometimes the chickens like to have sleep-overs with the goats.  I figure if you fly in to be with your friends, surely you can fly back out to roost in your one coop.  Not these two.  Nope, not them.  I kept seeing a chicken in the goat bucket.  Sometimes they get in there and feast on goat food.  I figured that was what they were doing.  Guess I was wrong.

Friday, June 30, 2017

They Sure Can Be Silly

I'm trying again to get the chickens interested in music!  Looks like they may have some competition.

Just A Few Of My Friends

They found the coolest place in the yard..under the rabbit hutches.

Well, now the goats got a new watering bucket...seems everyone has one.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

An Awesome Addition

A high school friend, Connie Clay back in the day, but Connie Dillon these days works with stained glass and makes the most incredible pieces of art.  I asked her one day if she could make me a stepping stone from a t-shirt I had made when NottaLotta first came to be....and this is what she made!

And you can't tell it here but the background is cobalt blue.  And who loves cobalt blue!!!  Sunny iS famous.  So now it is in the drying process.  And Connie will keep it until my next trip to Huntington.

So come on people buy those eggs!

Odds And Ends

Shann..the Chicken Whisperer

They are such a help...NOT.  Every time I bend over to weed I end up with a chicken under me.  I know she is waiting for the bugs.  She wants to be the first in line.

the girls have been practicing....

Ella shares her water bowl.  Mind you, the chickens have three waterers and the ghetto pool.

That chicken on America's Got Talent has nothing on my girls...the play and sing!